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Why Do We Celebrate Australia Day On January 26?

  “Derr, it’s because that’s when the First Fleet landed in Australia!” Congratulations! You’ve successfully passed Grade 3 SOSE! Here’s a shiny sticker to put on your name badge on your desk! Yes, we all know that’s what happened on … Continue reading

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The Sukhoi Su-33: The Naval Fighter That Never Quite Was

While its performance on paper is nothing to be scoffed at, the Sukhoi Su-33 has had a short and rather disappointing career with the Russian Navy. In fact, as of writing this, the Su-33 is almost due for retirement from … Continue reading

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The CIA created the Islamic State? Not so fast.

There’s little doubt that the rise of the Islamic State has been the most pressing concern for Western counter-terrorist and intelligence agencies over the past few years. Indeed, it was their shockingly fast rise to infamy and capture of numerous … Continue reading

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Claiming that ‘marijuana cures cancer’ is hurting the pro-legalisation movement

I should start this off with the disclaimer that I support the legalisation of recreational marijuana use. In fact, I support the decriminalisation¬†of all recreational drugs. However, this does not mean that I partake in drug use. I actually¬†consider myself … Continue reading

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